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About Us

Welcome to True Heart. We are a family owned and operated Christian business, conveniently located in Perth’s Northern suburb of Mariginiup (adjoining Banksia Grove) a casual 30 minute drive from Perth CBD. Our staff are compassionate animal lovers who care about helping others to heal, grow, develop their spiritual connection and wholeness.

To us, every person’s life has meaning, purpose and great value. Through interactions with our beautiful horses, it is our desire to help you build up your self-worth, strengthen your spirit and re-gain your confidence. Come and enjoy the warm friendship of our furry friends who accept you just the way you are. Use their strength to overcome fear with their love.

We will provide emotional, social and spiritual support, giving you the opportunity to learn life and wellness skills in a safe, caring, supportive environment. Together we can explore your needs or goals and ways to move forward.


Our Mission

True Heart will be a cutting-edge provider of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) services. Positive client experiences will bring awareness to the function and benefits of EAL to help make it a first choice in communities for emotional support and general wellbeing.

Our main objective is to provide education and a safe, supportive space where people are empowered to live from their true heart.


Our Vision

True Heart has a vision to build happier, more connected communities one person at a time. We will make accessible the vast amount of learning that nature has to offer. Facilitated interactions with horses and dogs in nature will help people to develop spiritual and emotional growth, resilience, self-awareness and healing. We aim to make confusion and feeling overwhelmed a thing of the past by providing an empowering learning environment that gives people the courage to face their challenges.

We want to see a world where there is more empathy, tolerance, compassion and kindness. It is important to us that you feel supported, safe, and calm. We have set our hearts on helping you to develop love, respect and belief in yourself and the ability to live to your full potential.


What to Expect

Learning through connection and activities with horses can be a fun and joyful experience. Outcomes may include;

Increase your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. Regain your personal power.

heartAlign your Body, Mind and Spirit to feel whole and optimise health & wellbeing.

heartEnable students to cope with school culture and exam pressures.

heartImproved ability to manage workplace pressure and burnout.

heartIncreased awareness of your communication style.

heartKnow how to more effectively express yourself to others.

heartStrengthen leadership skills.

heartLearn to listen to your body.

heartCalm your nervous system when stressed

heartFeel supported through loss/grief and, when you are ready, take steps into the new normal.

heartDiscover ways to regulate your emotions.

heartExplore how to live a full life through connection, love, meaning and purpose.

Set your sights on a brighter future. Live more abundantly, laugh more joyfully, love more deeply.

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