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Our Animals

Why horses?

Studies have shown connection with a horse can improve a persons’ overall wellbeing by calming the nervous system and lowering blood pressure. Horse owners already understand the therapeutic value and mental health benefits of contact with these majestic creatures. Horses are very honest communicators and are a herd animal. By observing their interactions they model for us how to be authentic, be an effective leader and how to set boundaries. Through activities with them we can learn a range of life lessons. Their warm connection can be an incredible comfort for those who have experienced a loss or grieving. We also have two beautiful dogs, a Groodle and a Husky for those who may be feeling nervous around horses.


Meet the Horses

Leading a horseBoston is a big beautiful boy with an equally beautiful heart. He started life as a racehorse but now lives out his days on green pastures with his horsey friends for company. He loves a ride out with his friends for exercise. He is now barefoot and bitless.

When he first came to us, it took some time to earn his trust. He was quite anxious and feared most things. He tried so hard to please that he would get very stressed when asked to do simple tasks.

Over time we have helped him to become more confident and at peace. Now he is a happy boy who is mature, wise and loves to connect with people. Boston will help you to feel safe and calm. We have a lot to learn from him and his journey.


TeddyTeddy, yes his second name is Bear, is six years old off the track thoroughbred, bay coloured gelding. He was born to be a racehorse but, bless him, he was too slow and after just two trial races, which he lost, he was retired at the age of four. He was then purchased to be a polo cross horse but again he was too slow, he just doesn’t have a passion for going fast.

He is cheeky, inquisitive and laidback. He loves to investigate things with his mouth, chew on lead ropes, put his muzzle inside hats, nibble at your clothes and smell your coffee. He will let you know his opinion and his three favourite things are carrots, hay and grass. You might find a characteristic in Teddy that you recognise in yourself or find an area that you would like to be strengthened. You can’t help but fall in love with his cheeky personality.


Our K9 Companions

MiaMiah is a nurturing teacher. Like a mother dog would teach her pups, she guides her K9 friends and humans alike. With wisdom beyond her years, she leads and protects her pack in any situation. Miah was rescued by an animal welfare group and had suffered trauma.

Her history has resulted in some substantial health issues. After surgeries and many unpleasant visits to the vet, her veterinarian was happy to deem her personality safe for therapy work. Her beautiful brown eyes draw people in. Although she has been through such a sad start to life and still deals with ongoing health issues, she leads the way forward for hope of a meaningful and happy life.


GretalGretel is a two year old Groodle (golden retriever poodle cross). She is a smart and beautiful girl who loves pats, scratches and attention. If you want to be her best friend forever, throw a tennis ball for her. Where you are she wants to be and she always greets you with love and a waggy tail.

Gretel loves the horses but has learnt to keep her distance and she loves it when Toby the cat chases her. Dogs have an amazing ability to live in the present. She models for us how to find the joy of life in every moment, and how to love and appreciate all around us.

Groodles are widely used as therapy dogs due to their love for people and their intelligence. They provide comfort and grounding. Gretel will be a ray of light if you are feeling sad or experiencing grief. She is here ready to love and support you.




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