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We welcome individuals, large or small groups, families, students and children. We offer school programs, wellness programs, EAL sessions, horse hang-outs and K9 Companions sessions. We are happy to collaborate with other health professionals to enhance your wellness plan. We look forward to working with you to develop a personalised program tailored specifically to suit your needs.


Mindful Movement Mounted Sessions

$75.00 per hour

Concessions for Students $65 per hour

or $60 if you book a block of 5 consecutive weeks.

This is a beautiful, joyful yet deeply calming experience which helps us still our mind, focus on our inner being and leave behind the busyness of the external world. Establishing a deep connection to the beautiful horse that is carrying you and being grounded by the awesomeness of nature will help your soul to feel nourished and alive.

This activity will give you the opportunity to experience embodiment and help you discover a new way of being which will calm your nervous system and help you to feel whole. Learning the art of Mindfulness and mindful movement will also be at the core of this experience. Being in this state helps to heal the body, mind and spirit and is a beautiful way to practice self-care. It is highly recommended to assist with anxiety, people who need healing, people who want to build their self-confidence/self-worth, and burnout prevention/management.

Horse Dancing

$75 per hour

Concessions for Students $65 per hour

or $60 if you book a block of 5 consecutive weeks.

A new and exciting way to escape, relax and focus on our body. It consists of everything in the mindful movement mounted sessions and includes gentle Pilates style stretches to music that helps us to engage our bodies, turn on our creativity and express our story. It will help us in two different ways.

Our Body…Being on horseback specifically helps us to find balance, as our bodies sync in harmony with the horses co-current large and small, forward and sideways movements. As we concentrate on breathing and control, the stretches themselves will help to relieve any tension in our muscles and allow flow back into our body. They will also increase strength and flexibility.

Our Mind…Our body and mind are connected so what we do with our body can have an impact on our mind and vice versa. Stretching can assist with regulating your mood and help to calm stress. You will learn to focus on the present moment and feel part of something bigger. Tell your story through creative movement and discover a way to heal and grow. Learn to love, care for and connect with these large, warm, furry, majestic creatures and respect the animal that is carrying you. Add this to music as a dance routine and you have a unique, beautiful way to engage and nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Individual EAL Sessions and Wellness Programmes

1 hour $70, 1.5 hrs (recommended) $90

K9 Companions – If you are unsure about horses come and spend time with our furry canine friends. Their warm furry bodies will help you to feel joy and melt your heart.

1 hour session $50

Horse Hangouts – A horse hangout can help you to discover confidence, learn boundaries, respect and how to be flexible by learning how to safely be in a horse’s space and care for them. Discover the joy of the horse’s warmth, their spirit, gentleness and sometimes sense of humour.

1 Hour $50

Group Sessions – Minimum 1.5 hrs. POA

School Programs – Minimum 1.5 hours. POA

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