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I am 19 years old. I have been working with Lynda and her beautiful horse for a few months now and through prayer, grounding, activities with Boston and Lynda’s insightful and caring nature, I have made significant progress within myself and my relationship with God. Working with Boston is extremely therapeutic and peaceful, as he has a very soft and peaceful way about him. Whatever the activity, Boston will never judge and always love you. Lynda is very personal with her clients and will seek the best strategies and activities to support and care for you in any way you need. She also gives the best hugs. And somehow always knows the right things to say. I thoroughly look forward to my sessions with Lynda and Boston, it’s the highlight of my week. I use grounding techniques Lynda has taught me in my day to day life and they really help me to get through stressful times. I didn’t grow up in a Christian household and honestly didn’t know much about God or how to have a relationship with him, but after working with Lynda, I can honestly say that God is a big part of my life now.

Recovering from PTSD.
Anxiety and Depression

During my time with Lynda and Boston, I felt we really connected. We built a relationship on a very emotional and spiritual level. With her delicate and gentle approach Lynda managed to touch very sheltered parts of my soul and has helped guide me through very difficult challenges. She has taught me many things about appreciating myself and understanding that my emotions are normal. She introduced new ways to improve my mental health and state of mind.

I worked with Boston who provided help, comfort and security in each session. Being close to and caring for Boston is definitely an incredible experience. Learning to be gentle with another living thing, taught me to be gentle and considerate with myself. Lynda’s passion for helping others radiates through every interaction. I am more than grateful for everything she has shown me.

(Teen girl navigating through some difficult challenges).



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